Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Percussion Boom Boom!

Our dear Foo had his first ever Band Camp. It was for beginners. He was so excited! It was a two day camp, coming home at night. Huh?! Anyways, he was quite excited... until... what, there will be other schools there? Oh, no! You see, Foo is quite a shy boy. He was the same with choir last year. Absolutely loved it, until it came time to perform or join with other schools.

The camp was on last Friday so last Thursday I see him trudging across the school oval with a mountain of stuff to carry. The kit had arrived. No wonder it was so expensive, it was huge.

Foo came home the first day quite tired but happy to show us a bit of what he had done that day. That was Friday. No more over the weekend though as he wasn't going back! Monday I managed to talk him round and dropped him off. They had a concert at the end of the day so we could see how far they'd come. They were all so cute and getting right into it. Unfortunately I couldn't get close for a photo. The children were grouped according to their instruments, each group taking turns to perform. Here's the best I could get. Foo is second on the left. He played one song on the glockenspiel and two on the drum.

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Mooselet said...

Funny, he doesn't seem shy at footy. Kids can be strange sometimes. Glad he had fun at any rate!