Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Foo

Another birthday to celebrate in the family today. Our baby boy, Foo, turned 10 today. He didn't wake us too early, 7am. He was so excited. He couldn't wait for yesterday to be over so he could go to bed and wake up 10! The first thing we gave him was the huge box of Fruit Loops. Our kids aren't allowed rubbish cereal, only for special treats. Foo's choice this year was Fruit Loops. "Not that little tiny box of homebrand ones, Mum, I want a big box of Fruit Loops!" Luckily for him they were on sale last week.

Foo decided he would like to go to Sizzler for lunch. Ended up being 13 of us and it's an easy place to take kids. We had us, a friend from school, Mr Mumfies' Mum and Dad and our two nieces as well as three mountain friends. Back here afterwards for Grandma's cake and a swim. My brother and girlfriend called in for afternoon tea. They didn't want to come to lunch. How bizzare!! What a busy day. Kids are now finsihing the day playing Monopoly with Mr Mumfies. I hate Monopoly.

Foo is a really funny boy, often in his own world, and we love him to bits!

Here are a few photos from today and some from last night with his presents from my parents. New doona cover with skulls on it. He's skull mad. (No he doesn't sleep in a cot, it's a bunk bed! Bed on top, desk and shelves underneath). He also wanted some heavier weights than his 1 kilo ones. These new ones are 2.5 kilos.

Adding some monopoly photos later on here too. Seems Fuzz Ball is getting a right flogging and none too impressed! Will the game ever end, I want to know?! A late night with grumpy kids tomorrow? Ah well, they're having fun now.


Mooselet said...

Happy birthday Foo!!! I was telling Her Majesty that it was his birthday today (she wanted to go over and visit so she could play marbles with Foo) but couldn't remember how old he was. And who is that pointing a knife at him in that second photo! :-)

What do you mean Fuzz Ball isn't tall? He looks pretty tall to me in that picture with your mother and his siblings.

Mumfies Moments said...

That's not my Mum, it's Mr Mumfies Mum. She's really short! All the grandkids can't wait to be taller than her! Fuzz Ball has short siblings too. Well, Foo's not so short but the Princess is! She'll be 12 in June. Still, better than being an Amazon. I'm sure Foo would love to play marbles :)