Friday, February 27, 2009

My Little Leader

Today at Princess and Foo's school the Student Leaders Induction school assembly was held. You've no doubt worked out that one of mine must be a new leader. Well, you're right! The Princess is the vice captain for her sporting house. She was so excited and looking forward to today. It was a lovely ceremony and it didn't go on and on, which can happen at such occasions.

There were the local council members, the Principal and school captains from the local high school as well as plenty of family and friends of all the new leaders. Following assembly there was a morning tea where we could chat with all of them and share in their excitement. I introduced Princess to the high school principal and asked him to keep an eye on her next year. She was not amused!

Have a look at the boy vice captain in the photo (I couldn't' get a good one so am hoping someone else did). He's towers over my little Princess. She is a tiny wee thing but it doesn't stop her!

It's been a busy few days with Foo getting player of the week for his tennis fixtures yesterday as well as man of the match for his inter school touch football today. He even scored a try! Poor Princess dropped the ball just as she was about to score. Ah well, that's football!

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Mooselet said...

Well done Princess, although too bad about the whole dropped ball experience. Still, vice captain is pretty sweet!!!