Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Fuzz Ball!

Ok, so I'm a bit late... Fuzz Ball turned 13 on October 21. How can I possibly be old enough to be the mother of a teenager? Well, I guess I am.

A couple of pics of the ice cream cake (he doesn't like cake) after his pizza dinner. Nice easy night!

I'm not the best photograhper, but you get the idea :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fuzzball no more!

Check out this young chap... is this the face only a mother could love?!

Yep, I think so!

Mr Mumfies gave Fuzzball some money last week and suggested that perhaps he should visit the barber after school, before returning home. He did. Good boy. The barber asked him if his long hair was getting too hot now the weather is warming up. Nope, says Fuzzball, my Dad said to get it all cut off. So he did. Number 3 all over. He does look a tad thuggish, but isn't it only a week and a haircut should sort itself?! He seems so short now.

Do I now call him "Former Fuzzball"? Won't be long and he'll be back to the old Fuzzball again. Why do the boys always get the good hair?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Look at our daughter's beautiful hair. It's a rare moment when it's out like this, she always ties it back. She doesn't like people touching it or commenting on it. Always the way. Combing it when wet results in ringlets. So lovely. Oh how I'd love lots of hair......

Another use for the kitchen bench

Those of you who have Facebook have seen these pics. I thought I'd put them on here anyway. We have three guinea pigs - two short hair, one long hair. One day I walked into the kitchen to see Fuzz Ball and the long haired piggie. I took a breath before asking Fuzz Ball, "what are you doing?" Huh? Says Fuzz Ball, I'm cutting her fur (in a tone inferring I'm an idiot) - on the kitchen bench. Oh, fabulous!

Ok... take another breath.... pass over the disinfectant and leave the room..... Gotta luv 'em :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't ya just love school projects?!

During the recent school holidays Fuzz Ball (our dear darling first born) had a science project to be done with a friend. Excuse me but it's school holidays. Why can't school work be kept to a school term? Seems very inefficient to me.

So what had to be done then? You could chose an experiment. We have a book, 101 cool science experiments. Fuzz Ball and friend decided to make a volcano. Oh joy, sounds like lots of mess. Yes it was! Off we toddle to the supermarket to purchase the ingredients. Shell out small fortune. Come home and, well you can see the photos here. Even Daisy, the cat, went out for a sniff and a look.

I don't think it was overly successful, with the fizzing and shooting up not being quite as they expected. Perhaps they thought it would shoot way up? Who knows with boys? They seemed to enjoy themselves. Isn't that the main object? Not so sure! They had to write all about it too. Apparently they have to do it all again in the classroom. I haven't been "sent" to purchase more stuff so hopefully they won't!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here I am!

I've been meaning to start a new Blog, and here I am! I know, very exciting stuff! The other one I had allowed so much free space then you had to pay. Oooh, yick, don't like that idea very much. My dear friend, Mooselet, told me about this site, so I'm starting again.

What to say... jings.... well... the pressure.... so much has happened since July when I stopped using the other one but can I think of anything right now? Two of my three are in the pool, with first born gone for the night. Mr Mumfies is out installing some fans and I'm sitting here. See, very exciting stuff!

I'll have a fiddle around and hopefully come up with something. Don't expect too much, mind! I will even think of some blog names for my family.

Call back sometime and maybe there'll be something to see :)