Monday, October 20, 2008

Fuzzball no more!

Check out this young chap... is this the face only a mother could love?!

Yep, I think so!

Mr Mumfies gave Fuzzball some money last week and suggested that perhaps he should visit the barber after school, before returning home. He did. Good boy. The barber asked him if his long hair was getting too hot now the weather is warming up. Nope, says Fuzzball, my Dad said to get it all cut off. So he did. Number 3 all over. He does look a tad thuggish, but isn't it only a week and a haircut should sort itself?! He seems so short now.

Do I now call him "Former Fuzzball"? Won't be long and he'll be back to the old Fuzzball again. Why do the boys always get the good hair?

1 comment:

Mooselet said...

Dear Lord he looks like a monkey in that last picture! Get him a bunch of bananas for his birthday.

No doubt it'll grow back in no time and the name Fuzzball will again be appropriate.