Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ALDI - Smarter Shopping

Smarter Shopping - YUH!

I returned to Aldi today. I did. I'm not a fan. Apparently I'm missing something by not going there. I'll tell ya what I'm missing - a horrible experience!!!!!

There is an Aldi in Ashgrove now so since I was passing through that suburb today I thought I'd give it a go. I took my bags with me and went in. As I wasn't planning on getting much I didn't get a trolly (that you have to pay for. Good idea I guess so they get them returned but also doing someone out of a job). I would only need a little carry basket. Oh, they don't have any. How odd.

As I meander my way down the idles of stacked boxes, very stylish, I actually recognised one product. Vegemite! I picked up a few things and proceeded to the very long checkout. Not a long queue a long conveyor belt. The checkout guy was whizzing my items through like there was no tomorrow. What was his rush I was wondering, there really aren't a heck of a lot of customers in here?

I was putting my purchases into my bags, as quick as I could. The guy kept piling them up on top of this tin of biscuits I bought and I kept removing them so I could get the tin in the bag first. I asked him if he wouldn't mind stopping that and what was the rush anyway? I tell ya, that place is just horrible.

I've definitely learnt my lesson - stay away!!! And really, it's not even that cheap anyway. I took a brochure with me and there are a few things going on sale tomorrow but I must stay away!