Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gotta love cats!

In the wee small hours this morning, as I was enjoying my slumber, I heard a faint "meow meow". I must have been in a light sleep to hear it. Oh great, Daisy must have got out before we closed up the house last night. Righto, up I get and open the door from our bedroom that leads out to the front veranda. Daisy, where are you? Puss, Puss, Puss..... again I hear the faint meows. Hmmmm, where is she? Oh, there she is - up on the roof! She's looking down at me and is now purring. How am I going to get her down? We are on the second story of our house. I'll have to climb out on the railing, leaning over the pavers surrounding the pool. What if I fall? What if she falls? OMG! What to do, what to do. What did I do?

Yes, I climbed up, hanging over the edge, trying not to look down. Trying not to visualize me splattered on the pavers below, in my pjs with messy hair, morning breath and no lipstick! Daisy is still leaning down towards me, purring.

I grab on to the post with one hand and grab Daisy by the scruff of the neck with the other. Daisy gives a few distressed meows and puts out the claws. She catches my shirt and starts to make gagging noises. I guess I have the collar caught in my grip. I'm telling her to let go or we're both going down. She didn't listen! I managed to lean over to my hand that was clutching the pole and release her claws and drop her on to the veranda. I get down and we're both safe. Phew!

Does Daisy shower me with thanks? Oh, of course not! She toddles on down to the other end of the veranda, out on to the carport. Well, you're welcome! I went inside. Should I go back to bed? No because then she'll just meow again soon. I went around the other side of the house and opened a door. In strolls Princess Daisy and over to her food bowl. I guess she's recovered then!

Me, I had to go back to bed, still thinking of being splattered, and try and nod off again. The rest of the household blissfully unaware of my trauma!

Gotta love cats!


Mooselet said...

I shouldn't be laughing at the mental picture I have in my head, but I am! Very sorry about that. I can't imagine how she got up there!

MorrisMob said...

Ungrateful Cow! Doesn't she know it's your birthday tomorrow! No consideration.