Monday, January 5, 2009

What's in the box?!

One day I'll get organised like my friend, Mooselet, and post regularly... well, I really don't have anything to write about! Actually, I'm sure Mooselet is the only one who reads this and she knows what happens in my life anyway!

Anyway, just something that happened the other day amused me and thought it may amuse you too.

Our Princess turned on the downstairs tv and it went "poof" according to her. Mr Mumfies was pleased as he's been wanting a new one. Off we toddle, notebook in hand, and go from store to store taking down prices and details. We eventually decided on one (a big shiny black plasma, well not huge!) and get it home, along with a video camera, mp3 player, usb and some surge protector thingie.

What did Foo like most?

Yep - the box! There's the old one on the floor behind.

1 comment:

Mooselet said...

Go on, you make me blush! No really... go on! :-)

Will have to come over and see the new telly. Her Majesty has been asking when we can go over and visit her "best friends" the Princess and Foo.