Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Value for Money?!

Here is a photo of Fuzz Ball's school shoes. He usually wears them four a days a week. I cringed at the cost of them when we bought them at the beginning of the school year. He wore them for the last time yesterday. They have been glued a few times this last term as I didn't want to buy a new pair now. Guess that's value for money!


Mooselet said...

That'll be us next year. Sparky has decided he wants the formal uniform,so I'll be forced to buy him a pair of "they're how much" Colorado's or similar brand. Of course if he keep growing the way he is he'll outgrow the damned things and I'll have to buy him another pair.

So Fuzz Ball is done? Sparky is at school today, not sure about tomorrow and Friday - he's just hanging about with his mates, but at least he's out of my hair.

Mumfies Moments said...

Nah, Fuzz Ball finishes Thursday. Just last day he wore the formal uniform. Thursday is Wet n Wild. Look on the bright side, if Sparky out grows the shoes before they wear out, you can give them us!!