Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Back to School!

Today was back to school for Princess, year 7 and Foo, year 5. My goodness! They were excited and nervous. Both were pleased with their teachers, so far so good. Well really Foo doesn't worry so much but Princess is quite a different kettle of fish.
Here are some of the photos I took before leaving home this morning.

Of course, there has to be one little hiccup. I thought I would be Mother of the Year and make their lunches for them today, since it's the first day and all. Hmmm, oh Princess, where is your lunch box? Thinking, thinking..... oh I know - it's in the canoe! Mr Mumfies took Princess and her cousin canoeing a few weeks ago. Ok, perhaps we'll have to sacrifice that one and get a new one. I can only imagine what it looks, and smells, like!

Fuzz Ball, year 9, returns tomorrow. He thought he was so good, staying home when the other two went to school. He walked them into school with me, finding their classrooms and helping with the load of books. Most out of character for our dear Fuzz Ball. He just wanted to gloat that little bit longer.

Fuzz Ball and I then went on to his high school, where I am P&C correspondence secretary, to mingle at the Welcome Cuppa for the year 8 parents and new to the school parents. I caught up with lots of friends and even talked to a few new people! I'm not really one for meeting people. I'm happier with people I know already. The high school has a staggered start for the first two days for the year. Year 8s and 11s, plus all new to the school students go the first day with the remainder turning up on the second day.

Princess and Foo were still smiling when I picked them up and had plenty to talk about. Waiting their turn seemed to be torturous to them! Foo has new children in his class and is happy to have some of his main friends in with him. Princess is in a year 6/7 class and not overly fussed as she doesn't have many of her main friends. I said she will have to make some more and will still get to catch up in the breaks. One of her main concerns was if they would make a Year 7 shirt small enough for her! I'm sure they will. Hopefully all the names will fit on a size 8!

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Mooselet said...

Don't like to meet new people, hey? I guess I must consider myself very fortunate that you let your guard down all those years ago when Sparky joined Fuzz Ball's team. :-)

Glad they had a good day. Ours was mixed. Sparky is very happy with his timetable and so had a good day. Her Majesty was overcome by so much shyness that her day, while not bad, wasn't great. :-(