Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Aldi Experience

Well, today Princess, Foo and I decided to try Aldi, the supermarket that's supposed to be full of bargains. I tried to shop there once a few years back and when my purchases were left on the counter after being scanned and I had to purchase bags, I said they can have my stuff, forget it, I'm otta here!

Ok, so I'm not very tolerant. But that's me. So today I thought I'd give them another go, with bags in hand. In we went and immediately thought "yick". But we weren't going to give up so we solidiered on. We went up and down the isles a few times, not recogonising anything too much in there. I thought since we were there we should at least buy some stuff, so we did.

Upon deciding that there was absolutely nothing else we wanted we headed for the checkout. It was sooo sooo long. How odd. Princess, Foo and I put all the stuff on the conveyor belt, as we had observed other shoppers doing. Our turn. The operator scans our stuff, leaves it on the counter and we then tried to put it in the bags in the trolly. No time for that, just put it in the trolly kids. I swiped my credit card, was told there was a 1% surcharge for credit but not savings. I said I could afford it. I was offered a catalogue of specials for next time. No thanks, no next time for me.

What to do with the shopping all dropped back in the trolley? There is a bench so over we toddle, pack our bags and scurry out of there. You can keep your "bargains" along with all the undesirables who shop there, thanks very much. I felt very trendy and gorgeous, which tells you what the other shoppers looked like! I'm not well off, as you all know, but that's just ridiculous!

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