Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother of the Year?

Yes, I think I'm again up for nomination for Mother of the Year. Why? Well, let me tell you....

Yesterday morning I went to wake Fuzz Ball up, as per usual. I opened his bedroom door and was greeted with more than the usual stinky teenage boy smell. Holy )(*&()&, what's that smell? Fuzz Ball, get up and clean that fish filter out. You're supposed to clean it twice per week. If you don't look after it I'm getting rid of the tank.... etc etc.

Fuzz Ball came out panicking ...what's wrong... his cray fish was gone. What do mean gone??? Fuzz Ball reminded me that I had opened the lid the night before to let some fresh air in the tank. He's now going mad at ME for his crayfish escaping. Don't be ridiculous, as if it could get out, I was saying and trying not to be the one at fault. You should have closed the lid! I'm still trying not be the one... Oh my...

We searched and searched. I found it in his shoe basket, inside one shoe of an old pair of sandshoes he no longer wears - dead. I screamed and threw the shoe, then felt bad in case he was still alive. He wasn't. Poor little guy had climbed out of the tank, down the chest of drawers, along the floor and into the open cupboard, it's always open (see should close the door!), into the basket ending up in the shoe. I did feel awful. But the smell from this little guy was out of control. The room is much fresher smelling now, as much as it can be for a stinky teenage boy anyway!

Fuzz Ball was quite upset with me and with the loss of his beloved crayfish. His cousin had given it to him last year. We've been through a few skin sheddings. He even grew one of his claws back after it came off when Fuzz Ball removed him from the ship ornament in the tank. Poor crayfish was stuck in there. It was an interesting creature to watch. He was a creepy little guy but not a nice way to go. .

Oh my... guess I'll have to find another one and keep the lid closed. Well, to be fair, as if I'd know he could get out??!!!

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