Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drip, Drip, Drip....

That's the sound I could hear in the ceiling. Oh great, a leak. Gotta love this rain - yuh. Does the rain not know to stop after one night? We've plenty. Send it elsewhere.

I rang Mr Mumfies to inform him of the dripping and perhaps he could come home early and see to it. Nope, he couldn't. I had to do it! Me?! But I'm a girl! I don't do "boy" things! Well, I do sometimes but not up there in the icky darkness of the roof cavity.

So, what do I need? A ladder. Where's the ladder then? Searching... oh, there it is. My, it's a heavy thing when you have to lug it upstairs. Right, the ladder is in position. Next... a torch. We have plenty since we're always losing power. Found the torches, then got a bucket and a towel.

Up the ladder I go. Now, I'm not a very flexible person and petite is not a word used to describe me! I'm up the ladder, wobbling precariously on the very top of it, push open the manhole cover and poke my head in. Eeewww, it's disgusting in there. I heave myself up and in and it's even worse when you're in there. So dusty and dark.

The leak is located, towel down, bucket in place. Ok, good. I'm otta here! Hmmm... I can hear more dripping. What does that mean? Yep, another trip out and back up again! I awkardly get to the manhole and try to get out. Not easy! I had my slippers on, the ones that have a button to vibrate and relax the feet. I knocked this button on one foot and it started vibrating. I nearly pooped myself! Thought I was being electrocuted!

Second leak tended to. I survived without falling off the ladder or through the ceiling! Now the rain can stop so I don't have to go up and empty the damn buckets!

Everyone sing with me - "rain, rain, go away, come again another day"

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