Friday, November 7, 2008

What gets up my nose?

So many people and things in this world annoy me. I am known by some as “The Bitter One”. I can’t imagine why?!

So what gets up my nose then? I feel the list could be never ending so here are just a few things:

 Over indulged children and their stupid parents who then complain their child is a shit.
 Parents who walk their children into school every day when there is a perfectly good drop off zone out the front. Once Little Sally has moved on from Prep, she doesn’t need you to walk her in, carrying her bag each day.
 The parents who are the other extreme – the ones who never turn up to anything at school or sport. Oh I’m far too busy. Yuh! If you’re not interested, then don’t have them.
 The parents, usually the same ones, who never volunteer. Again with the, I’m far too busy. Often far too busy working to buy material possessions for their little over indulged offspring, when all the children really want is your time. Instead of buying another mountain of gifts, give them an RSPCA or Animal Lib membership. Teach some compassion.
 People who don’t acknowledge you when you stop at a crossing or let them in the traffic. Is it so hard to nod your head or give a little wave?
 People who don’t say thanks to wait staff when they deliver a meal or clear the table.
 Kids who answer the phone – who is it – or a very dull hullo.
 People who phone for someone in my household and don’t say who they are, eg hello it’s Little Sammy here, can I please speak to Little Sally? They just say, is Little Sally there?
 Parents who don’t pay the very tiny voluntary contributions at school. Like it’s going to break the bank! Imagine how much more money schools would have if people paid their lousy $50? Usually the same ones who don’t volunteer.
 Companies who don’t have a person answering their phone. I just want someone to answer the phone and direct may call without having to press 56 numbers first.
 Stamp duty – wasn’t that supposed to go once the GST came in?
 My neighbour who must have THE most boring existence in the world as she feels the need to mow the lawn or leaf blow EVERY DAY. Sometimes morning and afternoon. What the?!
 People who work in schools and don’t like children. If you’re old and cranky – MOVE ON!
 Rude ads and rude DJs on the radio.
 Humour at the expensive of someone else.
 Myself – for letting all this get up my nose!

One more thing (well there's probably a heap more) - where have my smiley face bullets gone?

How could I forget one that really really annoys me?!
Motorbikes and bicycles - well I guess not them but their riders. I don't get the noise. Why do they have to be so loud? I'm going for the louder the bike, the smaller the winky.
Why do they have to speed? Yes they do speed. I live on a mountain road and trust me, they speed. They also overtake on the double line right outside our house, up hill and a blind spot. Strange.
Bicycle riders wearing those outfits. Oooh, yes, so manly. Yick. Why do people have to play dress ups, just to ride a bike? Why do they have to take up the road and not pull over for you? Why do they have to go past your house at daybreak and YELL to their fellow riders on your one sleep in day?

No doubt there will be many more things, but I guess that will do for now :)


Mooselet said...

I think someone needs a lie down. :-) Actually, a lot of these things bug me, too.

But for the motorcycle thing... as you know the Hermit rides one as the loudness issue is, partially, a safety one. A lot of car drivers don't see motorcycles, but they can hear them! And the "dress up" is so their skin doesn't peel off like a banana if they crash and slide along the bitumen. That kinda hurts. Much more sensible than the blokes who wear a singlet, thongs and shorts! As for their behaviour, yes that's very stupid and why riders like that are called organ donors.

Mumfies Moments said...

Hmmm, can't say I go for the noise of the bike helping the car drivers see them. Nope, living here, that just doesn't wash! Perhaps if they, and not all, didn't dart in between cars, it would be easier to see them, or travel at high speed.

The outfits I was referring to are the lycra numbers the cyclists wear. ooh, yick, they're awful.

Wren Dillon said...

Companies who don’t have a person answering their phone.

there are some handy work arounds. try pressing ** or saying "operator" Most then divert automatically to a person you can go grr at!