Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fuzzball is now 14!

Yesterday (Oct 21) our dear darling first born, Fuzzball turned 14. He was born a cute little bub weighing 8lb 11 1/2oz. He's now a solid fit guy who is a whisker off my height. He's had a bit of a growth spurt this year - thank goodness! Won' t be long and he'll tower over me. Fuzzball is a pretty good kid, just drives us nuts! Gotta luv 'im!

Here are a some pics I took of him on his bed after school.

Took this little clip of Fuzzball mowing out at Mr Mumfies seniors the other weekend.
Well, after a few hours of having it loading, I decided it was too much hassle! No idea why it took so long. Stupid computers! Here's a photo of him mowing, just imagine it moving!
Far out - now I can't get the photo up. I tell ya... I'm going insane! I'll try again later.

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Mooselet said...

Love the balloons! I couldn't believe how much he'd grown when we saw you guys last week. Hope he had a great birthday.