Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kokoda Challenge Photos

Hi Everyone

Thought it was about time I put some photos and info on here about how Mr Mumfies and friends pulled up after their adventure. Laugh!!! Oh, oops... I mean... well done guys! I copied this from an email one of the other guys sent. Saves me having to think of what to say. Well, to be fair, I wasn't even there!!

Fuzz Ball and Mr Mumfies Senior also went down and visited. Not me! I did check up on them on the internet and phoned them though :)

Thank you all sincerely for your support (both financial and moral) and to Sizzler for their shirt support Jeremy we received many positive comments along the track re Sizzler! AND a Special thank you to Deborah, Liz, Trudy, Paul, Emma, Fraser -for their Support Crew Activities - (and particularly Paul's night session complete with heater and liquid refreshments!)

Well we finished the Challenge - only 1 of 130 odd teams out of 300 plus that made over the line as a team! - in a the time of 31 hours / 14 minutes and 22 seconds!!!!!!!!!!

Refreshing your memory

The Kokoda Challenge. Is a non-stop 96 km rugged Mountain trek through the mountains in the Gold Coast Hinterland, that we must complete in under 39 hours over the weekend of Sat / Sun 18th and 19th July
A few pictures showing us -
At the presentation with the Diggers
Getting ready to receive certificates and dog tags and presentation
Having a well earned Beer!
We all felt ok after the event with a few blisters and a bit of chafing where you do not want chafing but other than that all ok, and we sensibly had a debrief and rehydration session at Team Head quarters -AKA "The Gap Tavern" on Monday after completing the challenge.

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