Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Little Twins

Mr Mumfies and I have been busy getting ready for the upcoming trivia night for our children's football club. I put in a USB to check what was on it and found these photos. They were taken two years ago when Foo and Princess played in an Under 8s carnival. We said they were twins. Princess was 10 at the time. She didn't tower over anyone so was all good. It was a great day and they both enjoyed playing together and even came away with a medal each.
These photos show the team lining up ready to run on.


Mooselet said...

You LIED?!?! That's it, I'm turning you in to... someone.

Just kidding.

Where's Foo in these pictures?

Mumfies Moments said...

Right behind Princess, in the head gear.
I know, I lied! Well, I didn't actually lie... well, ok, I did! They were so cute together!

Mooselet said...

That's Foo??? Holy dooley. Does he still wear the headgear? I'm going to try and get down to Albany Creek Saturday morning before swim lessons to see them play.

Oh, and Princess? Is such a mini-you. :-)