Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kokoda Challenge - how family and friends can track you from home!

From Mr Mumfies...

Spare a thought for me this weekend - I’m competing in Australia’s toughest endurance event, the Kokoda Challenge. Starting 7am Saturday, I’ll be walking 96 km through the Gold Coast Hinterland within 39 hours (that’s more than double a marathon, non-stop and over hills).

I thought you might like to watch my progress in the safety of your own homes via the internet.

Due to fantastic technology provided by KML Tracks and Telstra Next G - you can watch me progress through the 96km course via google earth on the internet - just visit http://www.kokodachallenge.com and click on Virtual Spectator.

The Virtual Spectator is in demo mode this week so you can play around and get use to the program - it will turn live at 7am on Saturday 18th August.

My team name is Sheer as and 259

I am not just doing this for the physical challenge - it is also to raise money for a very worthy charity that runs the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program, an early intervention program for young people from all walks of life which encourages them to learn the skills and values of discipline, tolerance, respect and self worth.

My team is raising money and if you want to support my crazy efforts you can make a fully tax deductible donation to my team through the Kokoda Challenge Online Donation facility. Just select my team name from the drop down menu - even $5 helps and it is all going towards a very worthy cause.

If you would like to find out more or sponsor my team, please visit http://www.kokodachallenge.com/team-profile

Please be with me in spirit online this weekend. I’d really appreciate your support.

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Mooselet said...

Good luck Mr. Mumfies! I hope you guys make it through in one piece.

LOL - my word verification is 'ducksag'. Surely that's a sign!