Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess!

Today our little Princess is 12 years old. As you do every birthday, you just wonder where the time has gone.... blah blah blah....

Princess is an absolute treasure I must say, especially being in the middle of two boys. Nice break. In the photo here, Princess is almost 7, holding our cat Ralph, when he was kitten.

Princess is away on her year 7 camp this week so we don't get to do anything yet, or even speak with her. I'm sure she is coping better than us!

This week has certainly been a quiet one. Fuzz Ball is away on camp too! Amazing that you could get two away together. We did get ripped off one night with Fuzz Ball's due to the weather. It was absolutely pouring rain on Monday so it was put off until Tuesday. Unfortunately the year 9s are still returning today. I know Fuzz Ball was hoping to return Friday.

We have had one very happy 10 year old in the house the last couple of days! I did have to bring him back to earth by reminding him that since he is the only child he has to do ALL the jobs. DOH!

This photo came up on the screen saver and I really like it. Isn't she cute?! Princess is 8 here.

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Mooselet said...

And she's still the same size!!!

Happy Birthday Mini-Mumfies.